Project Noah

Project Noah is what we are calling our main building roof replacement. After 25 + years of Buffalo NY weather, our roof started to show signs of stress and leakage. We had to replace a smaller section last year as part of our Matthew 25 project to get our basement from flooding. Of course, when it rains it pours, lo and behold our main roof started leaking just as we were wrapping up our basement project. But God provides and he will again. A special thank you to all our supporters who have stepped up again and an appeal to anyone who might help us, as this is an unexpected expense but urgently needed to keep our mission dry, safe, and welcoming for all.



Help Wanted Assistant Cook


Send resume to: Response to Love Center

130 Kosciuszko St.

Buffalo, NY 14212

Att: Sr. Mary Johnice



Type of Employment:   Part-Time: X If part-time, # of

hours per week 20-25



Job Title of Open Position: Assistant Cook, Prep Cook, Kitchen Help


Salary: Commensurate upon experience/education Salary will be:  Hourly X


Employer: Response to Love Center Department Dining Room


Location Address: 130 Kosciuszko St. Buffalo, NY 14212


Employer website:


Brief Job Description

The Assistant Cook is responsible to help the Lead Cook plan menus, prepare food, & cook a hot cooked meal (lunch) for the feeding program that takes place at the Response to Love Center in Buffalo NY. Keep an accurate inventory, ordering supplies, ensuring safe-sanitary food handling practice, and supervise volunteers.

The Response to Love Center is a fun, environment that focuses on the quality of the relationship we build with our clients. We insist on treating everyone with dignity and compassion. We are looking for a person that has a passion for food and takes pride in their job performance. This position offers room for advancement. Get rewarded for your talents. No evenings or weekends are required.

Qualifications: Required Education/Experience

  • Plan and submit a menu to RTLC management.
  • Prepare nutritious and balanced meals for the feeding program.
  • Must have experience cooking a variety of foods considering nutrition and cultural sensitivity.
  • Serve the meal and clean up after meals.
  • Review inventory, rotate products, anticipate needs, and request supplies.
  • Keep accurate records and statistics.
  • Maintain food safety preparation.
  • Maintain a sanitary kitchen.
  • Monitor and record all refrigerator and freezer temperatures.
  • Supervise volunteers.
  • Other duties as needed and assigned.


Desired Skills


·         High School Diploma or equivalent

·         Experience planning and cooking for large group

·         Safe-Serve food handling certification (or willing to get Save-Serve Certified)

·         Experience cooking different types of food

·         Knowledge in using industry-sized ovens and cooking ranges

·         Ability to manage and supervise other kitchen staff

·         Must understand and appreciate the mission of The Response to Love Center.




How to Apply: E-mail: ~ Fax (716)891-5474 ~ USPS at address listed above.

Re-Open July 6 2021

As we reopen our building at Response to Love Center, our clients will choose to get their lunch to go or sit inside and eat.
The pantry will return to “Full Client Choice,” or we will offer a pre-packaged pantry bag for those who do not want to come into the Intake Office.
We will also be observing Social Distancing, mask-wearing in the building, and aggressive sanitizing and disinfecting procedures until further notice.



CALL 716-894-7030 to Make an Appointment for the Moderna Vaccine to be administered at 130 Kosciuszko St. on May 18th, 2021.


Fedex Spring Fling -Sale

THANK YOU FEDEX! For all your efforts and a successful sale! To see photos CLICK HERE! 

Last year we could not have our Benefit of Love Event,

this year we cannot have our Benefit of Love Event,

so the Wonderful folks at FEDEX have stepped up and have

offered to hold this event for us! THANK YOU FEDEX!

This is awesome! Please support this if you can.



Buffalo Rehab Donation

Last week we had a visit/inspection by FeedMoreWNY as some grant money was put towards a new oven we needed. While Amber Thiel from FeedMoreWNY was here and impressed with the new kitchen and facility she had mentioned that Buffalo Rehab was looking for a way to help the community. She asked if we would be interested in some pre-made meals from a local Food Market, Wegman’s 2GO prepared specially made meals for us and was sponsored by Buffalo Rehab.

Of course, we were very interested and followed up with Wegman’s and Buffalo Rehab. They supplied 220 premade meals this week allowing for our kitchen staff to take a bit of a well-deserved break.

We have been so blessed by the local community, parishes, companies, and individuals. We are in the final stages of our “re-opening” and are looking forward to welcoming our community and friends back in the building, in the meantime with the help of Buffalo Rehab and Wegman’s we can offer delicious meals to all our friends that visit us daily.