We are pleased to announce the Blessing and opening of the Michael Perry room at the Response to Love Center on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 10:30 am.

The room in memory of Michael Perry a young man that passed away almost four years ago has been transformed to accommodate the growing needs of the community served.

Kim Pitillo, Michael’s Mom spearheaded the project together with family and friends spending countless hours painting walls, building furniture, enhancing the beauty of the space, to host the many workshops, classes, and other special outreach events.

Michael reached out to many in need throughout his lifetime. His memory and spirit will continue within this space.

In addition to the Blessing and official opening of the Michael Perry / Community Room, Michael’s Uncle, Nick Pitillo who owns Osteria 166 a local restaurant that donated and served a meal to the more than 120 people in attendance.

It was a special day for all; many people commented that they really felt the Presence of God in the building and in the room as Fr. Betti said a blessing and sprinkling of Holy Water.

To see more pictures of the event CLICK HERE.