About Response to Love Center

The Center is dedicated to helping poverty-stricken individuals and families. We empower people to take responsibility for their lives and encourage self-sufficiency through dignity and compassion. We develop relationships with individuals and introduce them to people and programs that will assist with their individual problems and needs. People of all ages, races, genders, ethnicities, religion and cultural backgrounds are welcomed at the Center.

Inspired by our faith and inclusive of all, Response to Love Center improves lives across our community by addressing basic human needs and providing a pathway to self-sufficiency. 

What We Do

Our thrift shop provides gently used clothing, our dining room serves a home cooked meal, our food pantry is a client choice pantry allowing people to pick the foods they like, including fresh produce and dairy products. Adult Education to those wanting to learn. Through prayer and work, we are open to where God leads us, by responding to Love and with Love, we are stepping out in faith.

Respect for Human Dignity

Our reverence for and commitment to promoting and protecting the dignity of persons.


An empathetic consciousness of others expressed in caring service.


The process that encourages an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of the person and ministry.

Solidarity with the Poor

Ensuring the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action.


Forging right relationships … re-creating a sustainable environment …


Promoting the common good … in the pursuit of peace.

Our Story

Who We Are

When St. Adalbert’s parish school was closed in 1985, our community was gripped with grief, frustration, and a deep fear for the future. In their anxiety, many of our people sought an answer through prayer. It became abundantly clear that the choices were not ours; that He was giving us direction! We responded. Twenty-four hours after the school closing, June 26, 1985, the Response To Love Center was born. Here, the focus is the holistic treatment of poverty: loving care of the economically deprived, the spiritually poor, the emotionally battered, the isolated, the wounded and the broken.

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The Response to Love Center depends on the generosity and abilities of our volunteers.
If you can help us and want to enrich your life more than you can imagine,
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Improving lives by addressing basic human needs since 1985

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Sisters Care Center

Sisters Care Program, being a program within the Response to Love Center, acts as a referral center for our clients with various community agencies. We offer free case management to our client base which is diverse and resides in a significantly impoverished community on the East Side of Buffalo, New York. Sisters Care Center is dedicated to a positive holistic approach for the health and wellness of our clients.

Sisters Care Center continues with its original mission of being a truly client-driven program and a client-centered program. In other words, they (the client) drive what we provide. As continues to be the case here on the East Side of Buffalo, transportation is a great problem for the majority of our clients. Therefore, being able to provide such a wide variety and necessary agency representatives as well as offering many educational and informational workshops on site has been invaluable for our clients. Sisters Care Center has a three-fold focus:

First and foremost, to meet with the clients and access their needs and concerns. It is important that the client feels that they are being heard and that at that moment someone cares about them and is willing to assist and advocate for them. This could take the form of acting as a community liaison and referring the client to the necessary and appropriate community agency or health service provider either by way of providing them with informational brochures, making a phone call on their behalf to schedule an appointment or in some cases acting as an advocate on their behalf.

The last two focuses are closely connected with each other. We offer a holistic approach and coordinate a series of workshops, speakers, and agency representatives to provide information and answer questions on a variety of topics and issues encompassing the mind, body, spiritual, and social aspects of our clients.

As we all know, guidelines and eligibility requirements are continuously changing, especially when it comes to medical care, food stamps, housing, and any of the many government-administered programs. This is why it is imperative to have, with some consistency, representatives who have specific knowledge and are specifically trained in dealing with a particular program or service.

The clients clearly enjoy the workshops and learn a lot from them. Our thoughts for moving ahead are to hold a series of particular themed workshops throughout 2015. Our plan is to hold themed progressive workshops two to three times a year. In other words, we have already conducted a basic banking workshop, therefore, we will continue with this topic and in the spring offer a workshop on budgeting, and then perhaps four months later hold another banking-related workshop on savings, etc. This way the topic is not simply covered once for a half-hour, but the information and tools can be repeated, reinforced, and expanded upon. Similarly, we would like to do a series with Home Depot dealing with basic home improvements, such as basic plumbing, etc.

The clients have really come to appreciate being able to personally speak face-to-face with the representative of a particular agency that they might have had concerns with or haven’t been able to get in touch with. There is nothing better than actually having a person standing in front of you that can provide you with the answers to your specific questions and set of circumstances.

Additionally, it has proven very helpful that the clients are able to personally review information or inquire about various requirements when it comes to an application and be instructed as to what else may be required as opposed to going downtown and waiting three hours to be told that your application cannot be processed because you are missing the following documents and/or information.

Lastly, our clients are most grateful when they can simply submit the application directly to the representative here at the Center while waiting to eat lunch or picking up their food pantry bag.

Moving forward, our goal is to continue to expand upon the programs offered while encompassing a truly holistic approach for the physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social aspects of our clients. Sisters Care Center will continue to provide a variety of high-quality workshops, speakers, and agency representatives that is dedicated to the positive health, wellness, and future of our clients and their families.