Buffalo Rehab Donation

Last week we had a visit/inspection by FeedMoreWNY as some grant money was put towards a new oven we needed. While Amber Thiel from FeedMoreWNY was here and impressed with the new kitchen and facility she had mentioned that Buffalo Rehab was looking for a way to help the community. She asked if we would be interested in some pre-made meals from a local Food Market, Wegman’s 2GO prepared specially made meals for us and was sponsored by Buffalo Rehab.

Of course, we were very interested and followed up with Wegman’s and Buffalo Rehab. They supplied 220 premade meals this week allowing for our kitchen staff to take a bit of a well-deserved break.

We have been so blessed by the local community, parishes, companies, and individuals. We are in the final stages of our “re-opening” and are looking forward to welcoming our community and friends back in the building, in the meantime with the help of Buffalo Rehab and Wegman’s we can offer delicious meals to all our friends that visit us daily.